Case Study 01系列家具,加拿大多伦多, ODAMI

案例研究01是多伦多设计师ODAMI设计的极简家具系列。这张扶手椅、桌子和台灯是一个漫长的合作过程的结果,这一过程与来自One Wood的Patrick Murphy进行了8个月的合作。在一个亲戚家的树林深处,一棵高达130年的红橡树正准备倒下;两年前,它的一个主要枝干腐烂倒下,让它很不平衡,承受着巨大的压力。

Case Study 01 is a minimalist furniture collection created by Toronto-based designer ODAMI. This armchair, table, and lamp are the results of a lengthy collaborative process carried out over 8 months with Patrick Murphy of One Wood. Deep in the woods on a relative’s property, a soaring 130 year-old red oak tree was ready to come down; two years prior, one of its major limbs rotted through and fell, leaving it awkwardly imbalanced and under great stress.

Photography:Kurtis Chen