Catwalk住宅,日本大阪,Hitotomori Design Studio

Catwalk House是位于日本兵库县的一处极简住宅,由Hitotomori Design Studio设计。这是对房屋的翻新,将由成年人及他们的孩子和两只猫居住。客户房子建于40年前,表示希望进行翻新,以使房子能够舒适地再居住40年。通常,一系列的抗震支撑架会给人们带来无法使用的空间,但它却成为了这个家庭与猫共享的丰富空间。

Catwalk House is a minimal residence located in Hyogo, Japan, designed by Hitotomori Design Studio. This is a renovation of a house which will be lived in by an adult, their child, and two cats. Built 40 years ago, the client expressed a desire for the renovation to allow the house to be comfortably lived in for another 40 years. While a series of anti-earthquake support braces normally creates unusable space for people, it became a rich space for this family to share with their cats.

Design:Hitotomori Design Studio
Photography:Hitotomori Design Studio


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