Celine商店,意大利米兰,Al-Jawad Pike

伦敦的工作室Al-Jawad Pike以其敏感而独特的材料和简约设计而闻名,为法国时装品牌Celine设计了一系列空间; 最新的商店位于米兰和罗马。

Known for their sensitive yet distinct approach to materials and minimalist design, London-based studio Al-Jawad Pike has designed a series of spaces for French fashion house Celine; the latest, a suite of stores in Milan and Rome.
Conceived of as “refined primitivism”, the studio explains that the design of the stores “aims to merge architecture with sculpture in a sparing and essential way.” Against a background of pale concrete, the minimal decorations of the store take center stage, focusing “the experience of the space on the themes of casting and carving, solid and void.” The sculptural seating and precious stone detailing give dynamism and personality to the space, while maintaining elegant minimalism. The architects explain that their intention was to create a space “to stand in contrast to the visual overload of the surrounding department store by creating a calm material and spatial approach that allows the product to stand at the forefront of the visitor’s experience.”

DESIGN: Al-Jawad Pike
PHOTOGRAPHY: © Al-Jawad Pike


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