Central Park West Penthouse,美国纽约,S|W Architects

Central Park West Penthouse是S | W Architects设计的位于纽约纽约的极简主义顶层公寓。这套公寓的设计是在1930年代艾默里·罗斯(Emery Roth)地标建筑上,以传统的从前到后的配置取代了走廊所服务的房间,并提供了一系列自由流动的空间供家庭,厨师,厨房和照相馆使用。几个现有的管道堆栈和结构柱锚定了新计划。

Central Park West Penthouse is a minimal penthouse located in New York, New York, designed by S|W Architects. The design of this apartment atop a landmark, 1930s Emery Roth building replaces a conventional, front-to-back configuration of rooms served by corridors with a free-flowing succession of spaces for the triple program of family home, chef’s kitchen, and photo studio. Several existing plumbing stacks and structural columns anchor the new plan.
The public areas are organized along a diagonal that connects two distinctive corner windows at opposite ends of the apartment. One faces Central Park, the other a large roof deck overlooking the city. Private bedrooms and bathrooms are housed in cubic volumes that disregard the existing layout of columns and ceiling beams. Instead they unfold in a dynamic juxtaposition of lines and surfaces that is emphasized by various colors and material textures.

Design:S|W Architects
Photography: Naho Kubota