CHAHONG的品牌理念是:”一开始觉得是自然景观,但在回来的路上不断思考,是一种舒适地拥抱心灵的设计”,”在展现每个人的同时,也是一种舒适的融合”。我们根据品牌的理念来设计空间。我们考虑把 “家 “这个品牌概念融进空间。我更注重’白色和自然色’,这可以称为品牌情绪。它旨在创造整个空间的元素,不以其他颜色装饰,但改变物理属性。

CHAHONG’s brand’s philosophy is, “At first, it feels like a natural landscape, but it’s a design that hugs the heart comfortably as it keeps thinking about it on the way back,” and “It’s a comfortable blend of beauty while revealing each and everyone.” We designed the space based on the philosophy of the brand. We thought about melting the concept of ‘home’, a brand concept, into space. I focused more on ‘white and natural colors’, which can be called brand mood. It was intended to create elements throughout the space that did not decorate with other colors but changed physical properties.

CHAHONG说,他希望当顾客在空间中停留和离开时,只有白色的风景能留在他的记忆中。该品牌的 “白色 “意味着像画纸一样的空虚,以及一种可能性的空间。而完成这种可能性的画纸则成为填充空间的主角和客人。

CHAHONG said he hoped that only the white scenery would remain in his memory when customers stayed in and left the space. The brand’s ‘white’ means emptiness like drawing paper and a space of possibility. And completing the drawing paper of that possibility becomes the main character and guest filling the space.


It was not decorated with other artificial colors to deliver the brand image to customers. And I tried to create a beautiful space without monotonousness by changing the physical properties themselves. Behind the counter visible in space, external natural elements were drawn into the inner space and used as elements of space design. Natural elements are added between the spaces so that customers can feel comfortable emotions. The ceiling height of the entrance line was intentionally lowered to maximize the expansion of the indoor space. In addition, the waiting space, lobby, haircut space, and dyeing space were naturally classified using the height difference of the ceiling.


The hair-cut mirror furniture is designed in various forms so that each seat looks special. The tone and mood of the entire space tried to harmonize the most natural colors in the space through wood finishes, log objects, and antique stone finishes that retain the texture of nature.


In addition, artificial colors were excluded as much as possible. We planned to meet the colors of nature that can be shown the most naturally and beautifully in space through various frames. The natural colors shown outside the frame will be the most natural and colorful scenery depending on the season and weather. We hope that customers will be able to spend time focusing solely on their beauty while feeling a colorful mood. At the same time, I hope to get closer to the essence of beauty.

Architects: gru.Architects
Area : 151 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Yousub Song
Manufacturers : Benjamin Moore, STO Paint, Serim Tile
Directors : Hun sul Kim, Byung min Yoo
Project Manager : Kyu byung Park
Design Manager : Seo ro Lee
Construction Manager : Dong heon Lee
Display : growoods
Special Paint : Atelieranna
Furniture Production : Designatto
City : Seocho-gu
Country : South Korea