Chungha大厦,首尔, MVRDV

就在一首韩国流行歌曲有史以来第一次在YouTube上获得全球成功,以及江南作为韩国首都首尔的新贵聚集地而闻名世界之前,MVRDV受Woon Nam管理有限公司的委托,重新定义了江南别致的狎鸥亭路的一座建筑。尽管Chungha大楼在20世纪80年代建成,但在一条以旗舰店为主的街道上,它已经过时了。这次改造,增加了一个楼层,只用了9个月就完成了。

Just before a Korean pop-song became a global success on YouTube for the first time in history, and Gangnam became world famous as the nouveau riche hangout of the South-Korean capital Seoul, MVRDV was commissioned by Woon Nam Management Ltd. to redefine a building on Gangnams chic Apgujung Road. Even though the Chungha building was completed in the 1980’s it was already outdated in a street dominated by flagship stores. The transformation, which added an extra level, was completed in just 9 months.

在一个由单一品牌商店主导的快速变化的街景中,Chungha大楼已经成为一颗腐烂的牙齿,这栋大楼包含了一个品牌的集合体。在以前的外墙上,一系列杂乱的字体争夺着路人的注意力。这座朴素的建筑的米色天然石材外墙被商业信息所破坏。底层由法国皮革饰品品牌Louis Quatorze占据,上面几层是婚礼策划师办公室、客户维护协会和两个整形外科诊所。整形外科的客户所要求的谨慎也对该建筑产生了影响。这些楼层的窗户是密封的,增加了结构的破旧感。

The Chungha building had become a rotten tooth in a fast changing streetscape dominated by single brand stores, this building contains a collection of brands in one. On the previous façade, a motley collection of fonts competed for the attention of passersby. The sober building’s beige natural stone façade was ruined by commercial messages. The ground floor is occupied by French leather accessories label Louis Quatorze, the floors above hold a wedding planners’ office, the clients’ maintenance society and two plastic surgery practices. The discretion required by the clients of the plastic surgeries also had implications for the building. The windows of these floors were hermetically sealed, adding to the worn out feel of the structure.


The new façade concept is convincingly simple: Chungha is a multiple identity building which was transformed into a collection of shop windows so each commercial venture imposed onto the façade would have a fitting canvas for its display. The building’s façade becomes more advertisement, and in that sense paradoxically more honest.


Curvaceous frames were found to be the best match to the large amount of shop windows, and a mosaic tile consequently became the fa̤ade material to follow the curves. LED lights change the buildings appearance. MVRDV was given nine months to complete the refurbishment. Adding to the complexity was the limited size of the construction site Рfive storeys tall but only 2,5 metres at its widest point. Construction workers were required to balance and squeeze themselves into narrow spaces.


Once unwrapped, the building appears reborn, its large windows are filled with transparent posters which provide space for changing brand identities and discretion for the clients of the plastic surgeon. A 10% addition on the top floor will be turned into a café with outside terraces, resulting in a total surface of 2,820 m2. The exterior façade tiles, which resemble white foam from close-up and smooth white stone from further away, are also used on the sidewalk and in the lobby.

Architects: MVRDV
Year: 2013
photographs: Kyungsub Shin


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