Cloud of Blue Mist装置,拉脱维亚, Onlyonly Studio


Cloud of blue Mist is a public object located in the Baltic state – of Latvia, on the southern outskirts of the capital city Riga. Where two vast and dense neighborhoods Imanta and Zolitude filled with multi-household buildings. Two neighborhoods together are home to more than 60 thousand people. Historically these two city areas have been split and separated by railway paths, and biologically rich meadows with high-growing trees.


In the heart of the meadow, which is the center point of two neighborhoods, the cobalt blue wavy sculpture is flying over the grass like a layer of mist. In close, it is a monolith wavy and round surface, 8 meters in diameter, that functions both visually and functionally to produce space with no set limits or preconditions of its use. It engages people of all ages to explore their imagination and discover various ways of play and recreation.

这个公共空间物体是在拉脱维亚当代艺术中心项目 “一起 “中创建的。该项目的挑战是开发城市郊区的退化地区,用促进团结和增加邻里社区的整体福利的解决方案。我们在研究和设计阶段面临的挑战。如何连接两个社区? 如何制作一个有吸引力的物体,作为一个地区进一步发展的起点? 如何提高人们对有价值但已退化的地区的关注,增加当地旅游业的潜力?

This public space object was created within the Latvian Contemporary Art center project “Together”. The challenge of the project was to develop degraded areas of city outskirts, with solutions that promote togetherness and increase overall wellbeing in neighborhood communities. Challenges we faced in the research and design phase: How to connect two neighborhoods?; How to make an attractive object that serves as a starting point for further development of an area?; How to increase attention on the valuable but degraded area and increase the potential of local tourism?

历史研究、现场调查,以及最重要的与 “里加-安南霍夫 “社区协会和居民的交谈,使我们能够创造出一个解决方案–大胆、有吸引力和艺术性的公共雕塑。凭借其富有表现力的波浪形钴蓝色木质表面,它增加了社会媒体对该地区的关注,并通过各种公共活动–音乐会、聚会、公共讨论、历史之旅和庆祝活动,丰富了草地的内容。但最重要的是,它将两个社区的居民团结在一起。

Historical research, on-sight investigations, and most of all conversations with the neighborhood association “Riga Annenhof” and residents enabled us to create a solution – bold, attractive and artistic public sculpture. With its expressive wavy cobalt blue wooden surface, it has increased attention to the area within social media and enriched the meadow with various public events – concerts, gatherings, public discussions, history tours, and celebrations. But most of all it has united communities from two neighborhoods.


After construction ended, we regularly observed how people interacted with the object and its overall impact on neighborhoods. It was surprising that it invited such a variety of people from all groups of age, and created a multi-purpose place – kids loved to play catch on it, groups did yoga classes on it, in winter children used it to ride a sled, and in summer locals used it for sunbathing. It created a place for gathering, meeting, and playing. Rose safety of the area, and now the object is official local tourism point.

Architects: Onlyonly Studio
Area : 50 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Reinis Hofmanis
Manufacturers : BEGROUP, Pata Timber, RIGA WOOD BALTIC, Renner Coatings
Architect : Anna Līva Traumane
Designer : Harijs Vucens
Project Organisers : Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art
City : Rīga
Country : Latvia