CM 之家,阿根廷, Además arquitectura


This house, located in a 1400 sqm plot inside a golf and country club, is to be inhabited by a family of four. Due to its location, strong constraints about shape, materials, and pitched roofs narrowed the project possibilities from scratch. Starting with this constraints the design process consisted in studying the archetypical shape of a house and its different possibilities.

最初对传统的坡屋顶体量的要求变成了两个分离的体量,其中 “屋顶 “和 “墙壁 “合并为同一个元素。房子的整体概念试图讨论预先建立的声明,不仅关于其元素,如 “地板”-“墙壁”-“屋顶”,而且关于传统的程序性配置。重新思考通常与房屋分离的 “五斗橱 “的位置,以及公共和私人区域之间的联系。

The initial request for a traditional hip-roofed volume turned into two separated ones where the “roof” and the “walls” merge into the same element. The overall concept of the house attempts to discuss pre-established statements, not only regarding its elements such as “floor”-“wall”-“roof” but also about traditional programmatic configurations. Rethinking the position of the “quincho”, typically detached from the house, as well as the connection between the public and private areas.


These different programmatic spaces are combined and split suggesting non-traditional layouts are also possible. This idea of fragmentation increases the connection between inner and outer spaces throughout the house. By opening the volume a void is created, the inner patio, which acts as the first instance of the promenade brings the surrounding landscape into the house. Once inside, a big, homogenous space contains the kitchen, the dining and the living space all in one. The high and pitched ceiling makes reference to the outer form.

一条穿过入口天井的玻璃走廊是 “quincho”、洗衣房和健身房空间之间的纽带。楼梯,由一个重要的灯光引导到私人区域:一方面是主卧室,它可以俯瞰高尔夫球场,另一方面是两个卧室,与街道和内部庭院对话。这两个体量都让人联想到典型的形式,只用一种材料,石灰华,包围着一个坚实和简单的生活方式。

A glass corridor that drives through the access patio is the nexus between the “quincho”, the laundry and the gym spaces. The staircase, stroked by a cenital light leads to the private areas: on one hand the main bedroom, which overlooks to the golf court and on the other, two bedrooms that dialogue with the street and the inner patio. Both volumes that remind the archetypical form, are cladded with just one material, travertine, enclosing a solid and simple way of living.

Architects: Además arquitectura
Area : 427 m²
Year : 2018
Photographs :Gonzalo Viramonte
Manufacturers : Aberturas Carlu, Casa Armando, Kromacolor, Marmoleria Alvarez, San Pietro Laminas, Sanitarios del Norte, Webber
Structure : Eng. Andres Moscatelli
Architect In Charge : Leandro A. Gallo
City : Canning
Country : Argentina