Concrete Melt Chair,美国布鲁克林,Bower Studios

Concrete Melt Chair是由布鲁克林Bower Studios为The Future Perfect 设计的简约椅子。受古代埃及椅子的启发,设计师们希望通过利用材料的真实属性与形状所感知的属性之间的对比,创造出一种融合了文化某些魔幻特质的作品。限量版椅子由混凝土和镀铬黄铜制成。

Concrete Melt Chair is a minimalist chair created by Brooklyn-based Bower Studios for The Future Perfect. Inspired by an ancient Egyptian chair, the designers wanted to create a piece that infused some of the culture’s magical qualities by exploiting the contrast between true properties of material versus perceived properties shaped by form. The limited edition chair is constructed of concrete and chrome-plated brass.

Design:Bower Studios
Photograph:Bower Studios