Conemoting Market,中国深圳,Yebin Design

在中国深圳,第一次踏入Conemoting商场的购物者们正沉浸在一个红色和黄色的透明反射的领域中,然后下降到一个白色和银色的超现实主义的巨大球体,手形椅子和血红色的细节。这个商场由一个一楼的咖啡厅和一个梦幻般的地下室零售空间组成,由杭州的室内设计事务所Yebin design设计,将其视为一个社交场所,而不是一个商场,其不宜居的室内设计和生活方式的吸引力反映了物质和生活之间的无缝运动中国Z一代的网络世界。

First-time shoppers stepping into Conemoting Market in Shenzhen, China, are in for quite a surprise as they are immersed into a red and yellow realm of transparencies and reflections, before descending to a white and silver surrealist landscape of giant spheres, hand-shaped chairs and blood-red details. Comprising a ground floor café that turns into a bar in the evening, and a fantastical retail space in the basement, the Market was conceived by Hangzhou-based interior design practice Yebin Design as a social venue rather than an emporium, whose Instagrammable interiors and lifestyle appeal reflect the seamless movement between the physical and online worlds that characterize China’s Gen Z.

Design:Yebin Design