ConsenSys 办公室 ,伦敦, Neiheiser Argyros


No two people work in exactly the same way. Each of us have different spaces that we prefer working in – the cafe, the library, a corner office, a distraction-free cubicle, lying on our back in the park – and often this varies depending on the time of day or type of work. Our project to fit-out a five-story office building as the new London headquarters of Consensys, a fast growing blockchain software start-up, acknowledges and celebrates this difference, providing radically different working atmospheres throughout the five story building.

该项目挑战了关于工作场所设计中开放性和灵活性价值的假设,而是创造了各种不同的空间,以支持不同的工作模式。具体来说,我们在每层楼的中心引入了一个 “物体”,将空间松散地划分为不同的工作环境,每个环境都有独特的材料色调和相关氛围。中央物体的空间容纳了不同大小的会议室和电话亭,就像一个调色板,为每层楼的过渡和聚会提供了一个中性的空间。

The project challenges received assumptions about the value of openness and flexibility in workplace design, and instead creates a variety of distinct spaces carefully tuned to support different modes of work. Specifically, we’ve introduced an “object” into the center of each floor to loosely divide the space into distinct work environments, each with a unique material palette and associated atmosphere. The space of the central object hosts meeting rooms and phone booths of varied sizes and acts like a palette cleanser, providing a neutral space of transition and gathering on each floor.

围绕着中心物体的是不同的工作环境。每个空间都暗示了一个隐喻性的地点,以建立一种氛围和一套关于如何开展工作的 “基本规则”。实验室有浅灰色的地板、白色的家具和消毒过的荧光灯,是一个开放但无干扰的空间,适合集中工作。

Surrounding the central object are distinct work environments. Each space alludes to a metaphorical location to establish both an atmosphere and a set of ‘’ground-rules’’ for how work is to be carried out. The Laboratory with its light grey flooring, white furniture, and sanitized fluorescent light is an open but distraction-free space for focused work.

图书馆的软木地板和深色木质家具让人想起中世纪的书房,供个人沉思。起居室明亮的橙色地毯和柔软的家具提供了一个非正式工作和休闲谈话的空间。 饭厅的黑白乔治亚式地板及其大型公共餐桌鼓励公开对话和合作。

The Library with its cork flooring and dark wood furniture evokes a medieval study for individual contemplation. The bright orange carpeting of the Living Room with its soft furnishingsoffers a space for informal working and casual conversation. The checkered black and white Georgian flooring of the Dining Room with its large communal table encourages open dialog and collaboration.


Windows in the central plywood object are aligned to create views across each floor, moments of permeability that stitch together the various work environments. In this way the spaces are both distinct and connected, a collage of different material and experiential environments held loosely together by the geometry of the central object on each floor.

Architects: Neiheiser Argyros
Area: 1400 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Luke Hayes, Simone Bossi
Manufacturers: Camira, Nora, Opendesk, Sagal, The Cork Flooring Co
Lighting Desing: The Lighting Asylum
Contractor: Construction & Shopfitting Ltd
Design Team:Ryan Neiheiser, Xristina Argyros, Danae Haratsis, Eleni Vagianou, Kevin Larson, Georgia Kestekoglou, Atiyeh Naghavi
Country:United Kingdom


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