Cork Haven是对现有住宅的大规模翻新和重建,由建筑师Nate Dalesio为他的年轻家庭设计。内森和他的妻子艾莉森购买了一个建于1937年的单层住宅,该住宅已空置多年,并已陷入失修状态。

Cork Haven is an extensive renovation and rebuild of an existing home, designed by architect Nate Dalesio for his young family. Nathan and his wife, Allison, purchased an existing singe story residence built in 1937 which had sat empty for many years and had fallen into a state of disrepair.


The framing at the roof and floors, and the CMU at the exterior walls were consumed by rot and mold and the entire house had to be leveled down to the top of the foundation and built anew. The existing footprint was entirely retained while targeted expansions have been used to enlarge the living spaces and bedrooms.


The final product is a modest 2500sf contemporary home featuring a minimal interior palette designed to accentuate the spacious volumes and take advantage of natural light and views of nature. The form and materials were chosen to complement the agricultural & equestrian barns that are still common throughout the area. Those forms and materials have been reinterpreted and abstracted with a minimal contemporary aesthetic that builds upon its context.


Wood siding and tin roofs were translated into expanded corkboard and black corrugated metal. Large floor-mounted openings and skylights penetrate the envelope to bring ample light into the space and balance the need for privacy and connection to the natural landscape. Vaulted ceilings throughout the home create surprisingly spacious volumes that belie the modest footprint, and white oak paneling and floors bring warmth to contrast the crisp and sculptural white walls.

为他们两个年幼的孩子提供玩耍和探索的空间是项目的一个重要考虑因素,同时也是为了创造多功能空间,以便随着家庭需求的变化而改变其用途。 150美元/平方英尺的适度预算被用于投资高度绝缘的墙壁、屋顶、地板和窗户,以最大限度地减少水电费,外部覆层作为一个连续的软木板绝缘层。该房屋于2020年7月完工,并继续成为内特和他的家人的平静绿洲。

Space for their two young children to play and explore was an important consideration in the project, as was creating multi-purpose spaces that could shift their use over time as the family’s needs change. A modest budget of $150/SF was stretched to invest in highly insulated walls, roofs, floors, and windows to minimize utility bills and the exterior cladding doubles as a continuous layer of corkboard insulation. The house was completed in July of 2020 and continues to be a calming oasis for Nate and his family.

Architects: Multitude Studio
Area : 2500 ft²
Year : 2020
Photographs :Nathan Dalesio, Meg Matyia
Manufacturers : Big Ass Fans, Bridger Steel, Krownlab, Dako, Purnatur, Reform, Thermacork
Architect : Nathan Dalesio
City : South Salem
Country : United States