Costa do Castelo住宅,葡萄牙里斯本,Aurora Arquitectos

Costa do Castelo是一个位于葡萄牙里斯本的极简主义住宅,由Aurora Arquitectos设计。这类建筑最明显的特点之一是地块的深度异乎寻常地大,走廊贯穿整个公寓。这些建筑的原始布局暗示了社会和功能区的两极分化,而卧室则围绕着一个中心的光井组织。
对于位于Costa do Castelo的这个特殊的“Gaioleiro”,除了固有的属于这种类型的特征之外,地形的陡坡使里斯本的视野开阔。自然的结果将是一种水平分布逻辑,最重要的是寻求与景观的关系。

Building in Costa do Castelo is a minimal residence located in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by Aurora Arquitectos. One of the most recognizable features of this type of buildings is the unusually big depth of the lots, marked by corridors running through the apartments across their full length. The original layout of these buildings suggest a polarization of the social and functional areas at both ends, while the bedrooms are organized around a central lightwell.
For this specific ‘Gaioleiro’ located in Costa do Castelo, in addition to the features that inherently belong to this typology, the terrain’s steep slope allows a generous view over Lisbon. The natural consequence would then be a horizontal distribution logic that seeks, above all, a relationship with the landscape.


Instead, the expansion of the lightwell through its ‘duplication’ and incorporation of the stair core reinforces a relationship that is meant to be zenithal, in search of light and ventilation. Therefore, it ceases to be the element that divides the building in half to become a centripetal force that organizes all its circulations, activities and celebrates its interior.
The project is divided into two apartments: a duplex on the lower floors, and a triplex on the upper floors, both with their circulations around the central void. The social areas of the apartments, living room and kitchen, spread around the total dimension of the plot and are complemented with exterior areas with swimming pool.

Design:Aurora Arquitectos
Photography:Do Mal o Menos