Coyane Saikaitoki 餐厅 ,日本, DO.DO.

这是一个为瓷器制造商Saikai Toki设计的项目,该公司位于日本长崎的Hasami,是一个著名的陶器生产城镇。”COYANE “餐厅建在与 “ÔYANE “相邻的地方,”ÔYANE “是该制造商的商店和画廊的多功能空间,也是由我们设计的,于2016年开业。

This is a project for a porcelain manufacturer Saikai Toki located in Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan, a well-known town for its pottery production. “COYANE” restaurant was constructed in the site adjacent to “ÔYANE”, a multi-purpose space for the manufacturer’s shop & gallery, which was also designed by ourselves and was opened in 2016.

为了满足店主的愿望,让游客的逗留更加放松,我们创造了一个向外扩散的空间,有一个缩小版的ÔYANE。作为建筑主要材料的 “比白还白 “的Hasami-Ware瓷砖曾被用于隧道的内墙,以确保其内部的可见性。

In order to fulfill the shop owner’s wish to have the visitors’ stay more relaxing, we created a space spreading outward with a smaller version of ÔYANE. The “whiter-than-white” Hasami-Ware tiles served as the main material of the building were once used for the inner walls of a tunnel so that its internal visibility would be secured.


These beautiful yet derelict tiles were reincarnated as exterior and interior surfacing including furniture. The restaurant is designed to be connected with ÔYANE alfresco by opening the six sliding glass doors on the east side and setting tables in between. The big windows on the north side are also slidable: you can enjoy idyllic landscape feeling a breeze inside the building.


Tables, chairs, and stacking trays were originally designed so as to be harmonized with the atmosphere of the restaurant. Inspired by the existing places and materials, we developed a design in which all the elements are blended, extended, and connected naturally as if everything had been projected ab initio.

Architects: DO.DO.
Area: 67 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Takumi Ota
Manufacturers: BEAL, JFE, Maxray, Sincol
Lighting Design: USHIO LIGHTING INC.
Design Team:Kei Harada
Constructor:Kozasa Kensetsu
Signage Design:Hokuto Fujii, hokkyok


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