Cremorne Point公寓,澳大利亚悉尼,Studio Plus 3

Cremorne Point Apartment是一间简约的公寓,位于澳大利亚悉尼,由Studio Plus 3设计。Cremorne Point Apartment将生活空间重新连接至自然风光并享有海港景观。以前的结构墙被木屏风取代,使光线和视野渗透到内部。建筑师希望在整个木材中形成一致的处理方式,并利用浅色橡木和木材贴面营造出柔和温暖的氛围。

Cremorne Point Apartment is a minimalist apartment located in Sydney, Australia, designed by Studio Plus Three. Cremorne Point Apartment reconnects living spaces to their natural outlook and harbor views. Former structural walls are replaced with a timber screen, allowing light and views to permeate through deep into the interior. The architects wanted to create a consistent treatment of timber throughout, and utilized light oak and timber veneers to create a soft and warm atmosphere within.

Design:Studio Plus 3
Photography:Ben Hosking