Crescent办公室,印度, Sanjay Puri Architects


Situated on a small site abutting a road junction, this single level office building creates a sculptural presence.


Overlapped curvilinear volumes orient each of the internal spaces towards the north in response to the location of the site while creating a semi enclosed north facing courtyard between the office spaces.


The site is located in Surat city in India where temperatures are in excess of 35°C for 8 months of the year and the sun is always on the southern side.


A curvilinear path along the courtyard links the office spaces while seamlessly integrating the internal circulation with a shallow pool of water within the courtyard.


Built entirely in a steel frame structure with a metal roof and corten steel sheets forming the external walls, the entire office structure was completed within 3 months.


The design creates an energy efficient building in response to the climate of the location and a distinct identity.

Architects: Sanjay Puri Architects
Area: 4905 ft²
Year: 2015
Photographs: Vinesh Gandhi
Manufacturers: Saint-Gobain, GAROMA, GORANA, GYROC
Developer:Happy Home Corporation
Architect In Charge:Nimish Shah, Deep Dodiya


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