Casa Social工作室和展览空间是Itmet自2018年以来一直探索的展览项目的一部分。该项目位于布宜诺斯艾利斯市Villa Pueyrredón附近,包括对一个旧工业仓库的全面改革,以及基于某些元素的构成的流通。

The Casa Social studio and exhibition space are part of the exhibition projects that Itmet has been exploring since 2018. Located in the Villa Pueyrredón neighborhood of the City of Buenos Aires, the project includes the comprehensive reform of an old industrial warehouse and circulation based on the composition of certain elements.


The project is planned in four work areas: the Exhibition Space, in relation to Griveo street through the access gate, for permanent contact with the public, comprised of two Álamo tables and lighting fixtures. The service sector materialized as showroom equipment, prepared to contain a toilet and accessible storage space. An exhibition room is separated from the main one by a translucent curtain, which acquires an exclusive quality, and finally, the storage space is made up of four racks for stock storage.


To work on the shell of the rooms, prioritizing the enhancement of the structure that evidences its industrial character is also exposed and the new facilities are exposed with the electrical and lighting circuits in sight.

构成空间的元素是合成文章的结果:三个专门为Casa Social设计的木桌,其特点是尺寸和色调。一个垂直的元素,通过半透明的白网来划分空间。一个模块化的服务侧,包括存储以及浴室和线性灯具,强调了棚子的结构,通过支架战略性地放置在梁之间或墙上,构成了空间的展览特征。

The elements that make up the space are the result of a synthetic essay: three wooden tables designed exclusively for Casa Social that are characterized by their dimensions and color palette. A vertical element to divide the space that is achieved by means of a semi-translucent white net. A modular service side that includes storage as well as bathrooms and linear light fixtures that emphasize the structure of the shed, strategically placed between beams or on the wall by means of brackets, make up the space in its exhibition character.

Architects: It Met estudio
Area : 200 m²
Year : 2021
Lead Architect : Martina Pera, Mauricio Mosquera, Maximiliano Ciovich
City : Buenos Aires
Country : Argentina