Et Cetera咖啡馆定制家具,韩国首尔,Jeonghwa Seo

设计师Jeonghwa Seo 为总部位于首尔的Et Cetera(咖啡馆和葡萄酒吧)建造了定制家具,以补充其原始混凝土内部。
Et Cetera的设计位于角落地块的底层,与城市环境相比更为引人注目。该空间位于凸起的粗切混凝土块上,设有两个玻璃墙,为过路人提供了一个清晰的工艺与工业用餐空间。为了补充空间的建筑设计,Seo设计了具有类似未完成品质的作品。他主要使用铝,橡木和黄铜,创造了桌子,座椅,灯具和底座。“Et Cetera是一个工艺品,咖啡和葡萄酒一起出售的空间”,Seo解释说。“客户要求整个空间可以灵活转换。”不包括八人餐桌和内置的“酒盒塔”,Seo的家具可以根据需要调整空间,从白天的咖啡厅服务,到作为酒吧的夜间服务。

Seoul-based designer Jeonghwa Seo has constructed custom furniture to complement the raw concrete interior of Et Cetera, a cafe and wine bar.
Located on the ground floor of a corner block, the design of Et Cetera is striking in comparison to its urban surrounds. Set on a raised rough-cut concrete block, the space features two glass walls which offer passers-by a clear view into the artisanal-meets-industrial dining space. To complement the architectural design of the space, Seo designed pieces that share a similar unfinished quality. Working primarily with aluminum, oak, and brass, he created tables, seating, lamps, and plinths. “Et Cetera is a space where crafts, coffee, and wine are sold together”, Seo explains. “The clients asked that the entire space can be transformed flexibly.” Excluding the table for eight, and the inbuilt “tower of wine boxes”, Seo’s furniture allows the space to be adjusted as needed when moving from daytime service as a cafe, to nighttime service as a bar.

DESIGN:Jeonghwa Seo
PROJECT:Et Cetera Cafe


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