Dan Dan Dan House,日本滨松,2id Architects

Dan Dan Dan House是由2id Architects设计的位于日本滨松市的简约住宅。该项目是为两个家庭(母亲和儿子的家庭)建造的复式房屋,位于工业区中。房屋中央的共用客厅聚集了许多阳光,并为家庭带来了明亮,开放的空间。用于墙壁表面的半透明材料将它们引导到一个柔和的光线所邻接的空间。除了该站点的物理限制妨碍了外部环境的回收外,我们还研究了内部空间的开放性和光线的控制。

Dan Dan Dan House is a minimalist residence located in Hamamatsu, Japan, designed by 2id Architects. This project was for a duplex house for two families —the mother and her son’s family— standing on its own in the midst of an industrial district. The shared living room at the center of the house gathers much sunlight and introduces the families to a bright, open space. The translucent material used for the wall surface leads them to a space adjoined by soft light. Along with the physical limitations of the site impeding reclamation of the external environment, we deliberated on the openness of the internal space and control of light.

Design:2id Architects
Photography: Kiyoshi Nishioka