Devon Passivhaus住宅,英国德文郡,McLean Quinlan

Devon Passivhaus 住宅位于英国德文郡,由McLean Quinlan设计。整体设计简洁干净。优雅的砖砌前门与老花园的砖墙相辅相成,独立的前门开口参考了花园墙上的大门。再往下,一扇凸耳窗被打破,暗示着后面有什么。在其他地方,外部表面是黑色的渲染,设计在视觉上与周围的花园有所不同。

Devon Passivhaus is a minimal residence located in Devon, United Kingdom, designed by McLean Quinlan. The overall design is simple and clean. An elegant brick front complements the brickwork of the old garden wall and a discrete front door opening references the gate in the garden wall. Further down, an oriel window breaks through, hinting at what is behind. Elsewhere, external surfaces are dark render, designed to recede visually in deference to the surrounding garden.
Tucked within, the house has a glass roofed courtyard at its centre, a winter garden flooding light into the interior. Spaces are arranged around this central core so the building functions both as a home and a gallery for our clients, great collectors of pottery and art, with spaces to display and curate. Comfortable and serene interior spaces are punctuated with tactile and textured materials: reclaimed terracotta, rough sawn oak and clay plaster, to ensure that internally the building feels connected to the garden that inspired it.
The footprint and walls of the original garden inform the design of the house, the landscape is replanted, and historic paths have been re-established. The house is certified Passivhaus, and includes air source heating, MVHR, solar power, battery storage, super-insulation and triple-glazing throughout, to provide over 100% of required energy.

Design:McLean Quinlan
Photograph:Jim Stephenson