Diamond Head Sapporo办公室,日本札幌,BROOK Inc

Diamond Head Sapporo是由BROOK Inc.设计的位于日本札幌的极简办公室。该办公室位于该国最北端的北海道。具有这种背景,设计强调了雪和木头的色彩,以营造出自然的感觉。办公室使用的主要木制材料是北海道制造的,旨在使办公室与该地区相关。员工的福祉也得到重视,以提高生产力和招聘。滑动门将主层划分为工作区和开放式会议空间,从而产生开放感。

Diamond Head Sapporo is a minimal office located in Sapporo, Japan, designed by BROOK Inc.. The office is located in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of the country. Having this background, the design emphasized the color of snow and wood to create the feeling of nature. The main wooden materials used in the office were made in Hokkaido aiming the office to be relatable to the region. Employee well-being was also valued to enhance productivity and recruitment. The main floor is divided into the workspace and open meeting space by the sliding door, which generates a sense of openness.
Employees have a variety of sets of tables and chairs to work at in addition to individual workspace. There are also some different styles of meeting rooms including a Japanese traditional TATAMI style room where people could sit and relax on the raised floor. Special attention was paid not only to the workspace but also to the refreshment area, for example, food stalls and a grass hill made of mortar covered by soft fireproof artificial grass were prepared. This office would attract talent and reduce stress and improve mood for employees to perform at their best.

Design:BROOK Inc
Photography: BROOK Inc


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