Ditton Hill住宅,英国伦敦,Surman Weston

Ditton Hill House是一座位于英国伦敦的极简主义住宅,由Surman Weston设计。这个项目开始的想法是创建一个建筑,乍一看似乎几乎是传统的,但随后,随着你对它的进一步审问,揭示出它是彻彻底底的当代建筑。该建筑的外部借用了模仿都铎王朝的框架语言,大量出现在郊区,并将其表达为一个外露的钢框架。这种外骨骼框架的强度使得构件可以细化成一个优雅的网格,并在内部实现了大的无柱空间。

Ditton Hill House is a minimalist residence located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Surman Weston. The project started with the idea of creating a building that at first glance appears almost traditional, but then, as you interrogate it further, is revealed to be thoroughly and unashamedly contemporary. The exterior of the building borrows the mock-Tudor framed language prolific in the suburbs and expresses it as an exposed steel frame. The strength of this exoskeletal frame allowed for the members to be thinned down into an elegant grid, and enabled large column-free spaces internally.

Design:Surman Weston
Photography:Johan Dehlin