Draftsman 01.scale 是由日本设计师Nendo设计一支腕表,灵感来自绘图员用于准备精确的计划和图纸的绘图工具。第一块手表,刻度,借用了校准标尺的布局。刻度标记直接印在玻璃上而不是印在表盘上,以强调渐变的联系。我们希望我们的设计能像一个工具,帮助佩戴者测量时间,因为他们会测量长度。

Draftsman 01.scale is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer Nendo. A wristwatch series, inspired by the drafting instruments draftsmen use to prepare precise plans and drawings. The first watch, scale, borrows the layout of a calibrated ruler. The scale marks are printed directly on the crystal rather than on the face to emphasise the link to gradations. We hoped our design would function like a tool to help wearers measure time as they would measure length.

Design: Nendo