El Alfalfar的房子是一个由三层组成的建筑结构,位于一个长方形的场地上,其背后是一个高尔夫球场的美景。该项目被组织成三个相互堆叠的体量。第一个是一个半埋在地下的钢筋混凝土箱,上面是一个半透明的木箱,在所有的上面是一个包含卧室的白色盒子。这些体量都有特定的功能,并被设计成在功能和美学之间创造一个平衡。

The House at El Alfalfar is an architectural structure consisting of three levels, located on a rectangular site with great views of a golf field at its back. The project is organized into three volumes stacked on top of each other. The first one is a reinforced concrete box half-buried underground, above it is a semi-transparent wooden box, and on top of all a white box containing the bedrooms. These volumes have a specific function and are designed to create a balance between functionality and aesthetics.


The project features balconies and eaves that provide shade in the summer and frame the best views throughout the year. A travertine marble platform connects the house with the garden, the pool, and the golf course, seeking to integrate architecture into its natural surroundings.


Additionally, the house has a basement barbecue area with independent access, which is directly linked to the garden and elevates the ground floor above the terrain, allowing for better views and abundant natural light.


We intended to design a house with simple classic architecture where function and beauty are elegantly balanced. The combination of concrete, glass, travertine, and wood looks forward to achieving harmonic and sophisticated aesthetics for a unique living experience.

Architects: Fallone Studio
Area: 501 m²
Year: 2019
Manufacturers: JUNG, Aluar
Lead Architects: Esteban Fallone
Interior Design: Jimena Marrano
Construction: Leandro Barros
City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina