EL Apartment住宅,西班牙巴伦西亚,Carlos Segarra Arquitectos

EL Apartment是位于西班牙巴伦西亚的简约公寓,由Carlos Segarra Arquitectos设计。在集中空间分布方面,解决角落建筑内的地板始终是一个挑战,以便每个人尽可能协调一致。该项目策略的共同点是最小化分配给过渡空间的表面积,以最大化房间的表面积,从而将房屋内的所有连接减少为房屋中心的小型分配器。木工在房屋中起着非常重要的作用,因为大多数元素都是定制设计的,目的是产生空间共鸣。这样,房屋本身就是为每个房间内每个不同区域订购并响应其预期用途的房屋

EL Apartment is a minimalist apartment located in Valencia, Spain, designed by Carlos Segarra Arquitectos. Solving a floor inside a corner building is always a challenge when it comes to focusing the distribution of spaces, so that each one is coherent and regular as much as possible. The common thread of the project strategy was to minimize the surface area allocated to transition spaces to maximize the surface area of the rooms, reducing all connections within the home to a small distributor in the center of the home. The carpentry has played a very important role within the house, since most of the elements are custom designed with the intention of generating a spatial consonance. In this way, the house itself is the one that orders and responds to the intended use for each of the different areas within each of the rooms.

Design:Carlos Segarra Arquitectos
Photography:David Zarzosa