EU-02X is a simple circular pavilion enclosing a space of 100 sqm with a conical canopy.

三块大理石,每块20-27吨,既是天棚的垂直支撑,也是材料的样本,展示了三种不同的石材。Botticino, Arabescato, and Breccia. 在屋顶下,一个由方形石头组成的景观提供了坐和放松的地方。

Three marble blocks, of 20-27 tons each, act both as vertical support for the canopy as well as material samples, showcasing three different kinds of stone: Botticino, Arabescato, and Breccia. Underneath the roof, a landscape of squarish stones offers places for sitting and relaxing.


The project aims at reinterpreting the canonical pavilion typology usually seen at marble fairs: instead of approaching the design by having a canopy held by simple pillars, the marble blocks become the structure; playing with the dimensions and forms also allows us to explore the veins and textures of the materials under different lights and perceptions.

EU-02X是Euro Mas Srl委托的一个项目,在2022年Marmomac期间展出。

EU-02X is a project commissioned by Euro Mas Srl and presented during Marmomac 2022.

Architects: (ab)NORMAL
Area : 110 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Mattia Inselvini
Manufacturers : Euro Mas srl
Design And Coordination : Davide Masserini, Luigi Savio Mattia Inselvini
Installation : Con.All. Di Conte Giuseppe S.R.L.
Program / Use / Building Function : Pavilion
City : Verona
Country : Italy