MO之家,西班牙,Laura Ortín Arquitectura


The project was conceived just when our bodies and after a few days our minds were confined. Could this new household up another confinement? We wonder. This will be perhaps from now on the new question to project. Because if architecture is good because it is flexible, bright, and healthy, it will endure confinement and any future situation. Because it will be adaptive, evolutionary, and caring.


We encounter an 80s flat in the center of the city. Extremely compartmentalized and organized with hierarchical spaces typical of another era, of another way of living.


Natural light was paralyzed too soon, circulations forced too unnatural movements and the different rooms were for only one activity.


Mens sana in habitat sano. Three things were the obsession to solve: outdoor space (more terrace), the flexibility of use (interchangeable rooms), self-care spaces (teleworking, relaxation), and environmental quality (natural light more hours, healthy materials).


We force conflict (understood as something positive), we provoke our own exoticism and evocative architecture that would forget the continent and recreate a careful and delicate content.

房子以一种有机和自然的方式穿越,房间之间的过渡是相称的。我们用自然材料得到了一个健康的环境:竹木、石灰漆和白垩漆。它们构成了一个具有 “sssh “效果的家,在平静中,在和平中……

The house is traversed in an organic and natural way and the transitions between rooms are proportional. We got a healthy environment with natural materials: bamboo wood, lime paints and chalk lacquers. They make up a home with an “sssh” effect, in calm, in peace …

Architects: Laura Ortín Arquitectura
Area: 1399 ft²
Year: 2021
Photographs: David Frutos
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, JUNG, Arkoslight, Kerakoll, AUTÉNTICO, Adobe Systems Incorporated, CERÁMICA CIELO, Cement Design, ICÓNICO, Porcelanosa, Robert McNeel & Associates, moso-bamboo