Facet House,英国伦敦,Proctor&Shaw

Facet House是位于英国伦敦的一个极简主义住宅,由Proctor & Shaw设计。后面的扩建部分被向后推到合理的位置,同时侧墙的一角是“多面”的,尽量减少墙的长度,并保留对邻近房屋和花园的附属。屋顶形式突出了上升的中央部分,而围墙保持相对较低。然后用坚固的材料强调概念形式。一个秘密固定的桦木胶合板拱腹在内部表达了多面屋顶。

Facet House is a minimalist house located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Proctor & Shaw. The rear extension is pushed back as far as reasonable, whilst the flank wall corner is ‘faceted’ minimizing the wall length and retaining subservience to the neighboring house and garden. The roof form is accentuated with a lifted central section whilst the perimeter walls are kept comparatively low. The conceptual form is then emphasized with robust materials. A secretly fixed birch plywood soffit expresses the faceted roof internally.
The surface is kept free from services and is allowed to simply express form and materiality. An oversized roof light is positioned centrally and is pushed up to form the roof apex, creating height and volume, with the plywood soffit folding around it. A seamless polished concrete floor below removes geometry and pattern from the horizontal plane, emphasizing a more elementary contemplation of the soffit form above whilst reflecting light deep in to the plan.
The rear elevation is aluminum thin-framed glass, angled in plan, dissolving the threshold from inside to outside forming an open plan floor plane from home to garden. The brickwork walls reinforce this connection with a flush lime pointed and heavily brushed grey brick to the new internal and external walls. A single piece of iroko joinery follows the facetted wall plan line, flowing from inside to form the external bench seat and encompassing a corner planting bed. Unfinished iroko fence battens line the garden perimeter echoing the dark timber kitchen panelling internally.

Photography:French and Tye