Fairytale 之家,越南, Hinzstudio



Fairytale is built in a rural area located far from the center of Da Nang city. The house is the dream of a peaceful and poetic home of a young couple and two dogs.

Where the project is located in peaceful countryside with fields and green bamboo bushes. Behind the mountains in the distance, every day you can watch the sunset and sunrise from the house. The disadvantage of the site is the fact that this place often receives annual floods with the water level rising more than one meter. Besides, the small land area with dense functional density is also a difficult problem for the design team.


The solution is to leave the ground floor space empty, bringing the main functions to the upper floors. This not only helps prevent annual floods but also frees up the view of the landscape. The functional spaces are designed to be compact with minimal area, but at the same time must also exploit the value of the natural landscape outside.


With the space inside, opening the view to the natural outside is inevitable. However, the design team believes that everything should be balanced in order to have enough emotion and achieve the necessary sophistication.

Architects: Hinzstudio
Area : 257 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Quang Tran
Lead Architect : Phan Văn Trần Tuấn
Build : Local Labours
Country : Vietnam