Falmouth Memorial 图书馆,美国,Simons Architects


The Falmouth Memorial Library had its beginnings in a home the library purchased in 1951. As the demand for services and space increased, the library constructed an addition in 1995 with a large meeting room and additional children and adult areas. Since that expansion, there has been a 238% increase in circulation, putting a growing strain on the already tight space.


In addition to the lack of space, the library was missing a sense of fluidity which was a large hindrance to its operation. After numerous false starts with other architects, we were asked to double the size of the library without increasing its operational and energy costs and without requiring any additional staff.

通过与社区的紧密合作,我们制定了一个计划,将图书馆从以前的10,780 SF扩大到18,720 SF。原来的艾弗森之家被拆除,并在现有的1995年图书馆大楼上增加了两个新的侧翼,使图书馆读者的可用空间增加了一倍。新增部分的设计具有宽敞和连通的感觉,随着图书馆规模的扩大,在不增加员工人数的情况下,可以最大限度地进行视觉监督。

Working closely with the community, we developed a plan that expanded the library from its previous 10,780 SF to 18,720 SF. The original Iverson House was removed and two new wings were added to the existing 1995 library building to double the amount of space available for library patrons. The additions were designed to have a feeling of spaciousness and connectivity, allowing for maximum visual oversight as the library increased in size without increasing its staff size.


The children’s and adult areas were separated into two wings, linked by an open periodical reading area, with an adjacent public computing area and study rooms. The new gabled roofs of the additions match the angle of the existing gables on the 1995 addition, helping to blend the new with the existing.


Large windows provide generous amounts of natural daylight with views of the gardens and courtyard outside. The new, expanded library is a bright and open modern facility, with high-performance features. It is a sustainable building that acts as a vibrant hub for community engagement and learning in Falmouth.

Architects: Simons Architects
Area : 18720 ft²
Year : 2020
Photographs :Ryan Bent Photography
Manufacturers : Carpeting, Cladding (Siding), Doors, Flooring, HVAC, Storefront, Tile – Floor, Tile – Wall, Windows
Civil Engineering : Gorrill Palmer
Landscape Architect : Sarah Witte
Mechanical Engineering : Ripcord Engineering
Structural Engineering : Thornton Tomasetti
Project Architects : Chris Berry, Seth Wilschutz, Lauren Angst, Ryan Kanteres, Scott Simons, Austin Smith, Kayla Caron, Julia Tate
Surveyor : LandTech
City : Falmouth
Country : United States