Farmer J餐厅,伦敦,Biasol

澳大利亚设计工作室Biasol最近完成了伦敦一家餐厅Farmer J.

Biasol以业主的家乡以色列为背景和特拉维夫的食物和建筑中汲取灵感。 他们使用材料,颜色和纹理来呼应以色列的食物和建筑,创造了一个休闲,朴实,真实的空间,达到功能和氛围的平衡


Australian based design studio Biasol, have recently completed Farmer J, a new restaurant in London.

Biasol drew from the owner’s Israeli background and the food and architecture of Tel Aviv for inspiration. They used materials, colours and textures evocative of Israeli food and architecture to create a casual, unpretentious, and authentic space that balances functionality and atmosphere.


A variety of seating throughout the restaurant, including counter/bar, booth, banquette, window and communal tables, unite the space and blur the zoning of service types, meeting the demands of fast food but providing the warmth, atmosphere and hospitality of dine-in


Handcrafted tiles and hand-rendered concrete walls add texture and depth to the interior.

在餐厅的后面的壁龛写着Farmer J的广告语:“做自然的事情。”

At the rear of the restaurant, a timber arch frames a dining alcove with the Farmer J motto: “Do what comes natural.”

Design Studio: Biasol
Photography: Focal Interior Photography
Location:London, United Kingdom
Category:Hospitalty, Brand
Services:Interior Design, Branding