Farmer Residences住宅,澳大利亚墨尔本,Freadman White

Farmer Residences是位于澳大利亚墨尔本的极简联排别墅,由Freadman White设计。农夫公寓(Farmer Residences)是四栋业主自用的联排别墅的集合。距列治文的天鹅街仅一箭之遥。紧邻站点的城市结构显示了多种建筑类型。这种情况暗示了该地区从主要的工业建筑到狭窄的工人住所,双排屋和1970年代联排别墅的发展逐渐演变为当代的多住宅发展。

Farmer Residences are minimal townhouses located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Freadman White. Farmer Residences is a collection of four owner-occupied townhouses. Located a stone’s throw away from Richmond’s Swan Street. The urban fabric within the immediate site proximity displays a wide range of building types. This context hints at the area’s incremental evolution from primarily industrial buildings to narrow worker’s dwellings, double fronted dwellings and 1970s townhouse developments to contemporary multi-residential developments.

Design:Freadman White
Photograph:Gavin Green & Willem Dirk