Felix Meritis文化空间,荷兰阿姆斯特丹,i29 Architects

荷兰室内建筑工作室i29为阿姆斯特丹标志性的Felix Meritis建筑的宏伟空间增添了现代气息。丰富多彩的改造将历史带入生机勃勃的视野,改变了18世纪风格的客房,将历史魅力与现代设计的精致融合在一起。

Dutch interior architecture studio i29 has added a contemporary touch to the grand spaces of Amsterdam’s iconic Felix Meritis building. Putting history into vibrant perspective, the colorful revamp has transformed the 18th-century style rooms, merging historical allure with modern design sophistication.
Built in 1788, the building is located along one of the Dutch capital’s most well-known canals, the Keizersgracht. Now a cultural events venue, the palace was once home to a society of illustrious scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers which celebrated the ideals of the Enlightenment—an 18th-century intellectual movement that emphasized reason and science. Commissioned by investment group Amerborgh, i29 was tasked with the complete interior redesign of the space. Contrasting the building’s classic architecture, the firm gave the space a contemporary refresh with modern interventions, such as installations, acoustic facilities, and colorful finishes, including the use of textile wall coverings.

Design:i29 Architects
Photography:Ewout Huibers