Field Nation办公室,明尼苏达州明尼阿波利斯,Studio BV

Studio BV在明尼苏达州明尼阿波利斯设计了Field Nation办公室,其灵感来自电路板的设计和连接。
Field Nation平台的愿景是将人们与机会联系起来并赋予他们成功,并且空间是他们生产的产品作为连接和协作平台的隐喻。

Studio BV have designed the Field Nation offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that were inspired by the design and connectivity of a circuit board.
The Field Nation platform is all about connecting people to opportunities and empowering their success, and the space is a metaphor for the product they produce, serving as a platform of connection and collaboration.


The circuit board is an iconic representation of a technological network, and its etched paths serve to connect and move electricity as it’s needed to run a given device.
To represent the paths found on circuit boards, the designers used orange conduit piping throughout the office interior.


The conduit pipes lead people around the office, and at the end of the pipes, various types of lighting can be found, like in this open meeting space.


The orange pipes connect the various work areas and also add a pop of color to the mostly white and grey interior.



The pipes not only line the ceiling, but also wrap around walls and act as dividers between seating.


From this angle, you can see that the conduit pipes also run along the ceiling at different levels, overlapping each other.

Design studio:Studio BV
Photography :Corey Gaffer Photography