Firewood Hutch,加拿大多伦多,Thom Fougere

Firewood Hutch是一个简约的柴架,由多伦多设计师Thom Fougere为Mjölk创建。木柴厨具是Mjölk消防工具系列的新成员。与其保持的大型柴火形成鲜明对比,其薄薄的黄铜框架坚固而精致。这件作品是在多伦多手工制作的,有生黄铜或熏黑黄铜可供选择。

Firewood Hutch is a minimalist firewood container created by Toronto-based designer Thom Fougere for Mjölk. The Firewood Hutch is a new addition to the Mjölk Fire Tool Collection. Its thin brass frame is sturdy yet delicate, in contrast with the massive firewood which it holds. The piece is hand-made in Toronto and is available in either raw or blackened brass.

Design:Thom Fougere
Photography:Thom Fougere