Flink is a bakery café brand located in Pangyo, where IT companies are concentrated and crowded with people all weekdays. The design point of this project is to show continuous rectangular patterns which are organized by modular formation. The used repetitive design language in modularity and provided changes in texture due to different material finishes under the high ceiling installed with stainless steel panels.


The project was planned with careful attention and consideration for the display of bakeries. As we went through the zoning plan, other than anything else, the most important goal was to draw the customer’s first attention to the bakery display. Accordingly, unnecessary elements were purposely blocked from sight by using glass bricks and frosted clear acryl. Also, like all the other bakery shops, due to changing bakery menus every month or season we designed display tables and shelves as the modular type which is very useful in various needs by adjusting them.


By using the material’s characteristics of diffusing light, we wanted to design lights to be softer. Also, it presents different moods depending on the material behind it. (One side of frosted clear acryl has matt finish rough texture.) For example, when we put wood behind it gives a warm mood and if there is stainless steel turns into a cool mood.


You can see contrasting silhouettes on the baking room wall, finished with clear glass brick, that create a winding silhouette scene and contrast to the different silhouettes created by diffusing lights and frosted acryl, at the same time perfect separation of the movement path. We can say that this site is the integration of all materials. Our team’s desire was to create a space where people could enjoy their time at Flink experiencing how different materials enhances each other’s attractiveness perfectly by creating various moods.

Architects: GGJH
Area : 165 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Yoo Chun | Park
Design Team : Ji Hoon Lim, Ji Soo Kim, Kun Sung Ju
City : Seongnam-si
Country : South Korea