灵感来自巴黎的小酒馆和圣塞巴斯蒂安的品脱酒吧,“ Flor ”是一家小型的伦敦葡萄酒酒吧,面包店和餐厅,均来自著名厨师James Lowe和John Ogier。
自治市镇市场是伦敦历史最悠久,最重要的美食目的地之一,其标志性的日常市场丰富有新鲜农产品和街头食品。作为伦敦饮食文化的核心,不足为奇的是,伦敦最受尊敬的两位厨师会选择他们最近创业的地点。“ Flor”以葡萄酒发酵过程中形成的一层薄薄的酵母而得名,是Lowe和Ogier的米其林星级Shoreditch餐厅Lyle’s的年轻同胞。他们的首个场馆集中展示当日可用的英国产品,而他们的新公司则采用了全部来自首都的各种欧洲食材,并提供了旨在庆祝城市本身多样性的菜单。坐落在自治市镇市场的一条小街上,小型但结构完美的餐厅位于两层楼。在地面上,该空间既是面包房又是酒吧区。狭窄的螺旋楼梯将食客引导至二楼的双高用餐区。午餐和晚餐提供独特,精美的小盘子,独特而多功能的食材突出了新鲜和时令产品。饮料也同样多样化,餐厅提供多种天然葡萄酒。这家面包店由糕点师安娜·辛格(Anna Hingham)主持,是餐厅的核心部分,每天现场制作手工糕点和酸面包。午餐和晚餐时精美呈现的小盘子,独特而多功能的食材突出了新鲜和时令产品。饮料也同样多样化,餐厅提供多种天然葡萄酒。这家面包店由糕点师安娜·辛格(Anna Hingham)主持,是餐厅的核心部分,每天现场制作手工糕点和酸面包。午餐和晚餐时精美呈现的小盘子,独特而多功能的食材突出了新鲜和时令产品。饮料也同样多样化,餐厅提供多种天然葡萄酒。

Inspired by the buvettes of Paris and the pintxos bars of San Sebastian, ‘Flor’ is a small London wine bar, bakery, and restaurant from renowned chefs James Lowe and John Ogier.
Borough Market is well-known as one of London’s oldest and most important food destinations, with its signature daily market abundant with fresh produce and street food. As the nucleus of London food culture, it is no surprise that two of the city’s most admired chefs would choose the location for their latest venture. Taking its name from a thin layer of yeast that forms during the fermentation process of wine, ‘Flor’ serves as the younger sibling to Lowe and Ogier’s Michelin-starred Shoreditch restaurant Lyle’s. Whereas their first venue is focused on showcasing British produce available on the day, their new venture features an array of European ingredients all sourced in the capital, offering a menu designed to celebrate the diversity of the city itself. Set on a small side street of Borough Market, the small but perfectly formed restaurant sits across two floors. On the ground level, the space is both the bakery and bar area. A narrow spiral staircase directs diners up to the double-height dining area on the first floor. Serving distinctive, immaculately presented small plates for lunch and dinner, unique and versatile ingredients highlight fresh and seasonal produce. The drinks are equally diverse, with the restaurant holding an extensive selection of natural wines.

Photography:Per-Anders Jörgensen, Anton Rodriguez, and Maureen M. Evans