对于FIX窗口,我们制作了一个展示架,以便可以放置花草植物。通过以30 cm的间隔将白板刻度放置在立面的墙上,它不仅可以静态放置,而且还具有刻度功能,可以显示放置在此处的植物的高度。在右侧,从动态的角度把握了功能,并且通常安装在商店中的柜台和椅子被放置在面向城市的外面

Nakamura Flower Shop is a long-established flower shop in the Nichome area of Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. In the function of the flower shop, the facade is divided into two parts, static and dynamic, and each part has different functions.
For the FIX window, we made a display stand so that flowers and plants can be placed. By placing the whiteboard scale on the wall of the facade at intervals of 30 cm, it can not only be statically placed, but also has a scale function that can display the height of the plant placed here. On the right, the function is grasped from a dynamic perspective, and the counters and chairs usually installed in the store are placed outside facing the city
The large counter extends into the interior of the shop, and you can see the work of completing the bouquet in the window. The customer seemed to be waiting for the coffee to come out, sitting on the counter outside the store, and chatting with the store staff while waiting for the flowers to bloom. If the counter opened outside can see the whole city as a flower shop, then it will become a beautiful city full of flowers and green plants.

Planned site: Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Use: Flower shop
Custom hardware: Susumu Murata (Kamo Craft)
Special painting: Shono Paint Works
Construction: Yuki Matsubara (Matsubara Housing)
Year of completion: February 2019
PHOTO: Tatsuya Foot Fukuroi (Fukuroi Photo Office)