Flow是伦敦一家国际公认的手工艺画廊,由Yvonna Demczynska于1999年在诺丁山中心地带创立。每年策划大约六个展览,最近Yvonna在世界各地建立了巡回展览和临时展览,因此对一个大型永久画廊空间的需求减少了,同时,她也渴望搬到离画廊更近的地方。

Flow is an internationally recognized craft gallery in London founded by Yvonna Demczynska in 1999 in the heart of Notting Hill. Curating some six exhibitions each year, more recently Yvonna has established touring exhibitions and pop-up exhibitions across the world, so the need for a large permanent gallery space diminished while at the same time, she was keen to move closer to the gallery.

一个 “生活-工作 “的解决方案被构思为一个简报,使现有的画廊成为一个家,同时保留部分空间用于展览,通过邀请。在对这个二级保护建筑进行了艰难的规划后,解决方案是将主要空间挖出约一米,以便插入一个夹层,在低层创造生活空间,在上层创造卧室空间–所有这些都由后面的一个狭窄采光井提供自然光。

A ‘live-work’ solution was conceived as a brief, to make the existing gallery into a home, while retaining part of the space for exhibition, by invitation. After a difficult planning process for this Grade II listed structure, the solution was to excavate the main space about one meter to allow the insertion of a mezzanine floor, creating living space at lower ground and bedroom space above – all given natural daylight by a narrow light well to the rear.

虽然我们不主张创新的生活方式,但房子和画廊已经合二为一–一个 “沙龙”,允许主人在伦敦市中心居住的同时展出和享受她的产品。

While we make no claims for an innovative living, the house and gallery are merged into one – a ‘salon’ that allows the owner to exhibit and enjoy her wares, while living in the heart of London.

Architects: John Pardey Architects
Area : 130 m²
Year : 2015
Photographs :James Morris
Manufacturers : Keller, RIW, Delta Membrane Systems, Tyvek, VMZINC