Fluo Cabinet是由蒙特利尔设计师Will Choui创建的极简橱柜。由激光切割的荧光丙烯酸板制成,通过使用颜色及其对心理健康的影响来说明这件作品。该项目是设计师个人迈出的第一步,走出了自己的舒适区。该产品不使用粘合剂或硬件,可以在需要时轻松组装和拆卸。

Fluo Cabinet is a minimal cabinet created by Montreal-based designer Will Choui. Made out of laser cut fluorescent acrylic sheets, this piece is illustrated by its use of color and its impact on mental health. The project was a personal crusade for the designer to step out of his comfort zone. The item does not utilize adhesives or hardware, and can be easily assembled and disassembled when needed.

Design:Will Choui
Photograph:Will Choui