Flux美发沙龙,日本京都,Sides Core

Flux是一家位于日本京都的极简主义沙龙,由SIDES CORE设计。这里以前是一个汽车展厅,有落地窗。设计师希望镜子成为空间的中心对象,把它们放在简单的基座上,呈现出雕塑般的纪念碑。空间内的隔断没有完全延伸到天花板,提供了自然光和空气的流动。此外,沙龙还使用了标志性的理发椅,包括汉斯•J•韦格纳(Hans J Wegner)的肘椅和詹姆•哈扬(Jaime Hayon)的皮娜(Pina)。

Flux is a minimalist salon located in Kyoto, Japan, designed by SIDES CORE. The space was a former car showroom with floor-to-ceiling curtain windows. The designers wanted the mirrors to be the central object of the space, placing them on simple pedestals, presenting them as sculptural monuments. The partitions within the space do not fully extend to the ceiling, providing natural light and air flow throughout. In addition, the salon uses iconic seating for the barber chair, including Hans J Wegner’s Elbow chair and Jaime Hayón’s Piña.

Design: Sides Core
Photography: Ota takumi


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