FOREST FOR REST足浴中心,中国重庆,Leaping Creative

在中国,传统的足浴疗法已有一千多年的历史,但其吸引力远未持久,尤其是对于年轻的城市居民。中国休闲健康品牌“ FOREST FOR REST ”是一个年轻的目标受众,它正试图通过在重庆这个西南部新兴大都市重庆开设一个全新的场所来纠正这一趋势。由品牌设计咨询公司Leaping Creative设计,该公司负责从内部装修到标牌,小册子,手提袋,再到品牌在网上的业务,场地避开了现代温泉浴场的乏味美学,营造出一种奇妙的仙境氛围。类似于沉浸式艺术装置,独特的保健中心已准备好摆脱年轻客户对行业的刻板印象。

In China, traditional foot bath therapy has a history behind it spanning over a thousand years but its appeal is far from enduring, especially to young urbanites. “FOREST FOR REST”, a Chinese leisure & wellness brand with a young target audience, is attempting to remedy this trend with a brand-new venue in Chongqing, a burgeoning metropolis in the southwest of the country. Designed by Leaping Creative, a branding design consultancy that took on everything from the interiors, to the signage, brochures and tote bags, to the brand’s online presence, the venue eschews the lacklustre aesthetic of contemporary spas for a playful wonderland vibe. More akin to an immersive art installation, the unique wellness centre is ready to shake off young customers’ stereotype of the industry.
The design of the venue is aligned with the brand’s story where customers-turned-travellers embark on an arduous four-step journey through the desert culminating in an oasis-like wonderland as a metaphor for stressed urbanites seeking relaxation. Accompanying “travellers” along their journey is the brand’s icon, Hercules the beetle, which symbolises healing, energy and vitality. Widely featured in all of the brand’s print and supportive materials, Hercules also makes several appearances throughout the spaces in both two and three dimensions.

Design:Leaping Creative
Photograph:Minjie WANG