Forgo洗手产品,瑞典斯德哥尔摩, Form Us With Love

位于斯德哥尔摩的多学科工作室Form Us With Love设计了一种名为“ Forgo ”的新型洗手产品,旨在鼓励人们注意消费,减少塑料浪费。
这个创新的工作室基于最小化产品对环境的影响的原理,设计了一种可持续的液体肥皂替代品。由单个玻璃瓶和可再装肥皂粉小袋组成,本发明仅需要一种附加成分:水。为了解决一次性塑料的问题,该团队与位于蒙特利尔的专业化妆品实验室密切合作,开发出了自己的肥皂粉,将其添加到水中后,可以制成豪华的泡沫洗手液。目前,洗手液具有中性气味和两种香水,它们也是从可持续来源获得的。进一步减少了对原材料的需求,这些香精是从废料中提取的-“ Woody”香气是从废木料中蒸馏出来的,柑橘的气味是从加勒比海有机榨汁厂的剩余果皮和果肉中提炼出来的。随着计划扩大范围,包括其他日常必需品,“ Forgo”象征着创造可持续创新产品的潜力,这是迫切需要的积极环境变化的鼓励。

Stockholm-based multi-disciplinary studio Form Us With Love has created ‘Forgo’—a new hand wash product that seeks to encourage mindful consumerism and reduce plastic waste.
The innovative studio has designed a sustainable alternative to liquid soap based upon the principles of minimizing the environmental impact of products. Consisting of a single glass bottle and refillable sachets of soap powder, the inventive creation requires only one additional ingredient: water. Created to combat the issue of single-use plastics, the team has worked closely with a specialist cosmetics lab based in Montreal to create their soap powder that, when added to water, turns into a luxurious foaming hand wash. Currently, the hand wash is available in a neutral scent and two fragrances that are also created from sustainable sources. Further reducing the need for raw materials, the fragrances are sourced from waste materials—the ‘Woody’ scent is distilled from timber yard scraps, and the ‘Citrus’ scent is distilled from leftover peels and pulp from organic juicing plants in the Caribbean. With plans to increase the range to include other daily essentials, ‘Forgo’ symbolizes the potential for creating sustainable, innovative products as the much-needed encouragement of positive environmental change.

Design:Form Us With Love