Forma是哥本哈根的Séché Studio为Holmegaard设计的极简玻璃器皿系列。在Séché Studio,丹麦设计师Laura Bilde探索产品、空间和建筑之间的关系。她的兴趣集中在功能性和雕塑性表达之间的张力,以及创造现代标志的机会–正是这种实验性的玻璃艺术品方法,是今年春季与Holmegaard设计合作的焦点。顾名思义,Forma是对形式和材料的研究。它结合了几何原型–立方体、球体和圆柱体–以及它们在玻璃中融为一体的方式,以一种新的表达方式融合了艺术和功能。

Forma is a minimal collection of glassware designed by Copenhagen-based Séché Studio for Holmegaard. At Séché Studio, Danish designer Laura Bilde explores the relationship between product, space and architecture. Her interest centers on the tension between functional and sculptural expressions, as well as the chance to create modern icons – and it is this experimental approach to glass artwork that is the focal point for this spring’s design collaboration with Holmegaard. As the name implies, Forma is a study in forms and materials: It combines geometrical archetypes – Cube, Ball and Cylinder – and the way in which they melt together in the glass, taking on a new expression that fuses art and functionality.
All in industrially designed glass that presses the material into geometric shapes and gives the design a sturdy look that experiments with thickness and weight. With its explicit functionalism, geometrical shapes and the fusion of aesthetics and technology, the Bauhaus movement introduced a paradigm shift in modern design that still inspires new generations. Forma is a graphical series in pressed glass that gives the series’ streamlined vase, bowls and drinking glasses a particular weight, tactile structure and high decoration value – both when the sculptural glass constructions are in use and when they are simply decorative.

设计师:Séché Studio
摄影:Alexander Höllsberg
Designer: Séché Studio
Photographs: Alexander Höllsberg
City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark