Fosbury&Sons Prinsengracht办公室,荷兰阿姆斯特丹,MVSA Architects & Going East

Fosbury&Sons Prinsengracht占据了阿姆斯特丹一座历史悠久的运河边建筑,是该公司在比利时本土以外的第一个合作办公地点。该项目以其所在的前普林森拉赫特医院(Prinsengracht Hospital)命名,延续了福斯伯里父子公司(Fosbury&Sons)对地标性建筑的偏好,不过这次它将安特卫普(Antwerp)和布鲁塞尔(Brussels)所在地的现代主义简约风格换成了19世纪一座国家纪念碑的宏伟气势。这座历史性建筑由MVSA建筑师事务所的建筑师罗伯托·迈耶(Roberto Meyer)和东面的室内设计事务所彻底翻新,包括6000平方米的全套服务工作场所、会议室、活动空间和餐厅,将当代工作场所的专业风度与酒店的欢迎氛围结合在一起。

Occupying an historical canal-side building in Amsterdam, Fosbury & Sons Prinsengracht is the first co-working location outside the company’s native Belgium. Taking its name from the former Prinsengracht Hospital that it occupies, the project carries on Fosbury & Sons’ predilection for landmark buildings, albeit this time swapping the modernist austerity of its Antwerp and Brussels locations for the 19th century grandeur of a listed national monument. Thoroughly renovated by architect Roberto Meyer of MVSA Architects and interior design practice Going East, the historic building comprises 6,000 square-metres of fully serviced work places, meeting rooms, event spaces and restaurant, which combine the professional poise of a contemporary workplace with the welcoming ambience of a hotel.

Design:MVSA Architects & Going East
Photography:Francisco Noguiera


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