Frame床架,瑞士卢塞恩,Mario Zoller

Frame是由卢塞恩设计师Mario Zoller设计的极简主义床架。 在室内木材车间,设计师以模型的形式制作出设计的物体,并用手工制作小型系列。 寻找床架简洁性和轻盈性的结果称其为“框架”。 结构简单,结构清晰,设计周到细节。 床铺采用橡木材质,可与黑钢或黄铜螺丝组合使用。

Frame is a minimalist bed frame created by Lucerne-based designer Mario Zoller. In the in-house wood workshop, the designer worked out the designed objects in the form of models and prototypes and make them in small series by hand. The result of the search for the simplicity and lightness of a bed frame is called “frame”. The construction is simple in construction, impresses with a clear design and defined by thoughtful details. The bed is available in ash and oak wood and can be combined with black steel or brass screws.

Design: Mario Zoller
Material: Esche / Eiche
Schrauben: Messing / Stahl Blank Schwarz
Masse: B 140 cm / 160 cm / 180 cm, L 200 cm, H 32 cm