Gads Hill中心成立于1898年,是位于芝加哥的一个非营利性青年教育和家庭资源中心。他们目前为比尔森、北劳德尔和小村附近的家庭提供服务,为儿童提供学习支持和教育强化、早期儿童发展和校外照顾。更简单地说,他们的使命是为儿童和他们的家庭创造机会,通过教育和获得资源来建立更好的生活。

Established in 1898, Gads Hill Center is a non-profit youth education and family resource center located in Chicago. They currently serve families in the neighborhoods of Pilsen, North Lawndale, and Little Village by providing learning support and educational enrichment, early childhood development, and out-of-school care for children. More simply put, their mission is to create opportunities for children and their families to build a better life through education and access to resources.

当Gads Hill中心表示有兴趣在布莱顿公园附近扩大他们的服务时,我们抓住机会成为实现他们梦想的一部分。在这个过程的早期,JGMA帮助识别和评估现有的、未被利用的结构,这些结构有可能成为他们新的早期学习中心。当位于S.Archer Avenue和S.Whipple St.拐角处的现有建筑被选为最终地点时,我们急切地努力创造一个大胆的新愿景,就像客户的表现力和权力一样。

When Gads Hill Centers expressed an interest in expanding their services in the neighborhood of Brighton Park, we jumped at the chance to be part of making their dreams a reality. Early in the process, JGMA helped to identify and evaluate existing, unutilized structures with the potential to become their new Early Learning Center. When an existing building on the corner of S. Archer Avenue and S. Whipple St. was selected as the final location, we eagerly worked to create a bold new vision as expressive and empowering as the client.

现有的建筑,经过几十年的拼凑,是由不同的砖块和风格拼凑而成。在过去的某个时候,相邻的建筑被建在地产线之上,导致该地产的某些部分只能从邻近的企业进入。一个人如何开始解开这么多 “有机 “发展的挑战?

The existing building, having been cobbled together over varying decades, is a patchwork of dissimilar brick and styles. At some point in the past, an adjacent building had been built over the property lines, resulting in sections of the property that are only accessible from the neighboring businesses. How does one begin to untangle the challenges of so much “organic” development?


We began by embracing the eclectics of the existing facades, unifying them into a backdrop to which we insert a fun pattern of projected, box-windows. The new windows create an exterior expression of the carefree activities happening inside. And rather than making complex, costly plans to rejoin the lost corner of the property, we simply removed the structure, turning the area into an outdoor courtyard and playground.

Gads Hill中心是一个很好的例子,说明芝加哥过去的建筑不应该仅仅因为用途改变而被拆除。这个早期学习中心尊重这个布莱顿公园社区和Archer Ave沿线建筑的遗产,并以这段历史和遗产为跳板,通过不抹去过去,只是在其基础上进行建设,来展现一个令人兴奋的未来。

Gads Hill Center is a great example of how buildings of Chicago’s past should not be demolished solely because uses change. This early learning center respects the legacy of this Brighton Park community and the buildings along Archer Ave and uses that history and legacy as a springboard to what an exciting future could look like by not erasing the past and just building upon it.

Architects: JGMA
Area : 18000 ft²
Year : 2019
Photographs :Tom Rossiter
Manufacturers : Abet Laminati, Alpolic Metal Panels, Daltile, Mosa Tiles, Nawkaw, Rockfon Ceiling Solutions, Shaw
Landscape Engineering : Site Design Group
MEP : RTM Associates
Structural : Goodfriend Magruder
General Contractor : GMA Construction Group
Design Principal : Juan Moreno
Project Manager : Dan Spore
Program / Use / Building Function : Early Learning Center / Kindergarten
City : Chicago
Country : United States