Gapont 之家 ,列支敦士登,uli mayer urs hüssy architekten


The Gapont apartment house that the architects built in 2015. The new building fits into a gap left by a fire, sharing walls with structures on its north and south sides.


In order to form a new ensemble with the adjacent buildings, themes that were already implemented in the Gapont apartment house were taken up again here: adaptation to the terrain, with the internal spatial structure following the external topography; timber construction over a solid base of insulating concrete; a minimally refined shell. Working with the existing topography, a spatial continuum was developed that connects the staggered split levels.


Atop a base of monolithic insulating concrete that accommodates the basement, studio and kitchen stand a prefabricated timber building consisting of a load-bearing factory-painted shelf structure. The house is equipped with wood fiber insulation and clad with larch boards.

Architects: uli mayer urs hüssy architekten
Area : 220 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Future Documentation / EO
Lead Architects : Uli Mayer, Urs Hüssy
Architect : Tina Toldo
City : Triesen
Country : Liechtenstein