Garcias 之家,墨西哥,Warm Architects


Garcias House is located on a 273 square meter lot in a fast growing residential area of Cancun. The lot is adjacent in its northern and western sides with other residential lots, while it faces greenery to the east and the street to the south. The strategy for this project was to limit the habitable volume on the western side, in order to make the most of the view, the shadow and incorporate the public greenery with the interior of the house, thru the empty space between them.


This house welcomes you with an double-height ceiling as a transitional element of the two-story construction. Revealing, on one side, the totality of the lot with exterior views of the terrace and the adjacent greenery and on the other side, the large-format sculpture designed by the architects out of the reclaimed wood beams from the house’s construction.


The program cover the needs of a couple without children, which allows an open and dynamic interior living, connecting all spaces functionally and visually. In the first level, the public program widens and integrates with the pool and terrace, creating a space for interior/exterior use. The second level, blocks solar over-heat and future neighboring constructions. The interior spaces are endowed with quality stemming from a second double-height ceiling in the dining area, which allows views from the bedrooms through the living areas, extending to the pool and the terrace.

这个项目使用的核心材料集中在混凝土上,有不同的变化:室内地板的抛光和光泽,外部的原始抛光,以及外墙体的 “灰泥”。混凝土色调的渐变是通过地区添加剂(Sas cab)的阴影来实现的,补充了外部的黑色采石场瓷砖、白色刀片和Sas-cab的色彩方案。

The core of the materials used for this project is focused on concrete in different variations: polished and glossed in the interior floors, raw polished in the exterior and as “stucco” on the facade’s volume. A gradation in the tones of the concrete is sought-after with the shading of the regional additives (sas cab), complementing the chromatic scheme with black quarry tile, white blading and Sas-cab in the exterior.


The strategy behind the design, the low density walls and the materials chosen, allowed a fully developed project for a total of $6,200.00 Pesos per square meter, one of the client’s biggest priorities.

Architects: Warm Architects
Area: 215 m²
Year: 2014
Photographs: Wacho Espinosa


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