Gaze桌,荷兰, Maria Tyakina

Gaze Table是荷兰设计师Maria Tyakina创作的一款极简桌。凝视桌是一个自由移动的物体,从每个角度都展示了一种新的表达方式。它邀请我们去观察,而其柔和的反射性与其他元素有关,这些元素构建了我们日常家庭生活的景观。同时,它也是一件精确而有分寸的作品。材料和连接只用在对作品的平衡和固定至关重要的地方。元件采用连接和螺栓系统固定,可以方便地拆卸和运输。凝视台采用生拉丝铝处理,这使得未来可以实现材料的再利用,对环境的影响很小。

Gaze Table is a minimal table created by Netherlands-based designer Maria Tyakina. Gaze table is an object free in its movement, demonstrating a new expression from every angle. It invites us to observe, whilst its soft reflective nature relates to other elements that build the landscape of our daily domesticity. At the same time, it is a piece that is precise and measured. The material and connection are only in places that are essential to the balance and fixation of the piece. Elements are fixed with a joint and bolt system which can be easily dismounted and Transported. Gaze table has a raw brushed aluminum finish, which makes the future reusing of the material achievable with a small environmental footprint.

设计师:Maria Tyakina
Designer: Maria Tyakina
Country: Netherlands


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